Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Imperfect Moment

I have been absent from writing for too long. It's been busy and my life has been wrapped around so many other things. There are so many changes happening at this time and my blog was pushed to the side. But everyday thoughts swirled through my head, ideas about what I wanted to write about, or something I would like to write about in the future. Today I just had to do it

Tonight as I walked up the stairs I peeked into the living room and I just knew.
I saw Destyni snuggled on the couch with her most favorite blanket, getting over the worst flu that ever hit our house. I saw Jonathan playing on the floor with one of his cars chasing Alyson who was trying to run away using her new found freedom-- her legs.

I knew right at that moment that I was blessed. The moment wasn't perfect-- Destyni's face was still pale from feeling unwell, Jonathan was yelling a few decibels louder than my ears could handle and Alyson's legs weren't working quite strongly enough and she was minutes from tumbling down. It was being a mother in all its glory. I don't know a time when I felt more comfortable in who I was and what I was doing.

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Crystal said...

I love those moments...it seems to make all the other "stuff" worth it!