Thursday, November 10, 2011

Child At Heart

Our family didn't travel much when I was young. The first time I ever left the small Island that I lived on I was almost six years old. My aunts, uncles and cousins all lived close to us so we didn't need to leave home to go visiting.  During my parents' vacation it was all about spending time together doing the things that we had access to. The beach, amusement parks and the yearly carnival that floated through town. There was no need for us to leave when we had everything we wanted within driving distance.

So the heart doesn't yearn what it doesn't know, right?  Right!

Except....when you leave the place you spent your entire childhood and realize what else is out there in the world. While I was in grade six my violin instructor set up a three day trip to Halifax, NS. There was fundraising involved which only heightened the anticipation of being away from your family for three days, being able to sleep in a hotel with friends, staying up WAY too late and eating junk food until you were bouncing of the bed.

That was the first time I had fallen in love with something intangible. It wasn't the lights, the shops, the business that kept my heart captive for those three days. It was something else. It was the air, the feeling of belonging, the "being there."

When I arrived home I remember my mother looking at me and knowing something had changed. I needed what that city had to offer and I wanted it yesterday. Immediately I started making plans on how I would live there when I was older. I was eleven years old and knew that I needed to be a part f that world.

Like most things, the path that I had set out for myself offered me more forks in the road then what my childhood plans could even imagine. I never did live in Halifax, but any chance I could get to go and visit I would jump on. While being there I would fall in love with the city over and over again. I was still in love- but the city and I had a long distance relationship.

I wish on stars. I have since I was a child and I still do now. I believe that being able to cast a wish into the universe and hoping that your wish is answered allows the heart to stay young and alive. Someone out there must have heard my wish after almost twenty years because I am moving to Halifax. To live! For at least five years. My husband's job is taking us there.

Since we found out, almost two months ago I have been giddy. I have awoken out of a deep sleep with my belly jumping with excitement. I lose my breathe while talking. It was one of my most biggest wishes-- and it's coming true!!

Tonight you should wish on a star~ you never know who may be listening!!!


Heather said...

I've been giddy too! Can't wait for playdates. It's always nice to reconnect over the internet but can't wait for in person!

Crystal said...

THat's so exciting!! Yay for you!!