Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fashion Sense

Destyni loves to get dressed in the mornings. She spends tons of time choosing the perfect outfit, making it one of her very own creations. It's quite amazing how well she can blend colors and styles together. I am a bit jealous, having her around during those sticky teenage years would have done me a world of good.

Before getting dressed today she told me all about what she was going to wear. She then asked me, "Mom, were you into fashion as much as I am when you were my age?" My mind goes skipping back to cotton candy pink polyester gym suits. The only answer I could come up with was, "Not quite."

Destyni wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. She has sketches of outfits she wants to design, complete with accessories and shoes. She loves to walk around in my heels, and each and every time she asks if they fit her well enough to wear. I know that day will be here soon enough, when she is stealing my footwear from my closet.

 I love how she is gaining her own fashion sense and the way that she can put outfits together. A friend of mine gave me a great idea, to take her to a second hand store and let her choose all of her own clothing as well as accessories. Then she will be able to put outfits together using all of her own ideas. I love that she is aspiring to be something wonderful. Even if it turns out to just be a dream I am super excited to help her reach it!!! 

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