Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cozy In My Coupe

There's this car, a Cozy Coupe to be exact, that has been in our family for years. It was at my parents house for quite some time. I am sure that this car has more kilometers on it then my own. Destyni and my nephew Camron have driven it around countless times while visiting my parents.

When we moved away from home I don't think my mother could stand seeing it in the yard not being used. Before visiting one weekend they plunked the Cozy Coupe in the back seat of their car and brought it to our house. That's when this car became the love of Jonathan's life. Not a day passed for months that he didn't slip into that car and drive it all over the yard- Fred Flintstone style.

Jonathan parked his car in front of his house
Now that Jonathan has grown so tall it seems that he is a bit big for this little car. Fortunately someone else is  in line patiently waiting for the chance to drive the coupe.

"Where is the steering wheel in this thing?"
Destyni and Jonathan may need to teach her the ropes. I wonder what we are going to do with the car after our children all outgrow it?  It's definitely a classic. Is there a toy your child plays with that you know you will never get rid of?


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Nicole Vickers said...

We also have our own version of Cozy Coupe that's been in our family for seven years now. That toy car is memorable, because it's the first toy that my husband bought for our eldest son. We will never get rid of that car. =)