Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Three Minutes

I had a perfect moment yesterday, these moments are hard to come by these days. I find myself running from here to there, not sitting for more than a few minutes, scarfing down meals, rushing to the next chore, the next need...on and on and on.

The only hint that reminds me that I have been racing around all day is the ache that my heels give me when I have been on them for more than fourteen straight hours.
 I don't want to forget these days though, but this is the time in my life when I need to get so many tasks completed. There are times when I just want to run away for a few hours, escape the housework, cooking meals, little things that are so mundane and uneventful but still need to be done. I can't get away though, I have children that need me, I have a job and loads of responsibility. So I've started grasping little wee moments of time.

Yesterday I heated my tea up in the microwave for the third time and I went and sat sideways on our love seat. I adore our love seat, it fits my length perfectly. When I am sitting with my back against the arm of it my feet gently brush the other arm. It's my most favorite place to rest, and it's placed in front of our living room window so I can daydream while watching the clouds roll by

I sat with my tea and thought of all the things that I wanted to write about. I just sat there and daydreamed.

It lasted about three minutes before I heard Alyson upstairs in her crib having a conversation with Wallace, her new stuffed puppy dog. Although three minutes doesn't seem like a long time yesterday it was the perfect amount of time.

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Patty said...

Had to smile when I read about re-heating your tea, I do that with my coffee when I'm caught in one of those non-stop days. Actually, I did just that, earlier this morning, went outside to watch Deer walking through my backyard and did some deep thinking on how to get through one more day.

Grab those precious minutes whenever you can!