Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Baby Legacy

Dear Sweet Alyson,

How can I begin this? As my fingers glide upon this keyboard I have to admit almost a year has passed since you came into our lives. Do you know how much you have changed us? Do you know that you are the knot that crosses over this family and ends our beautiful legacy of the Harper/Perry generation?

We often wondered what type of personality you would have. Alex is so imaginative, he is full of expression and soaks up information. He loves having very detailed conversations about history and how the world has changed since years before. Destyni is full of affection and will go out of her way to help out. She walks into situations with an open mind and leaves her imprint on whomever she meets. Jonathan is full of life and nothing is dull for him. He is funny and he knows it but will hand out hugs and kisses exactly when they are needed. Then there is you. What's left when your brothers and sister possess all of these emotions and traits?

You are bits and pieces of them. You are happy and funny. You love to talk to anyone in your own baby language. You are full of life and love to see everything that is going on around you. Alyson, how can I explain how you filled a void that we weren't even aware we had? How can I make you understand that a peace has settled over our family?

Then there are the parts that I have been struggling with for some time now. You are our last baby. We will celebrate the last of  first birthdays, we will cheer for you when we see the last first step being walked. We tear up when you say Da-Da and Ma-Ma knowing that we only have precious time left to hear you pronounce those words in their baby state. On Thursday we will celebrate the last of the firsts. My heart is bursting with happiness and breaking with reality.

Alyson you hold so much of our hearts--our little legacy. We wish you the most wonderful of first birthdays, you will never know the happiness you have filled our hearts with.

So much love,


Dana said...

Love this post. I can completely identify with all the emotion of the last baby. Mine is almost 4. *sigh*

I look forward to following your blog!


Brag All About It said...

what a sweet post!
such a happy read!

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