Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Island Girl

I grew up on an island surrounded by the beautiful water. No matter where we lived a beach was always a mere fifteen minutes away at most. In the summer we would spend hours at the beach, building sandcastles, enjoying the water, and clam digging with family.
I can remember how the salt water tastes on my lips after the sun dries it up. I can remember how the sand would feel wet and cold when my sisters and I dug down deep, or how cold the water was when we first dipped ours toes in.

Yesterday the children and I  were invited with friends to go to splash park in a town close to ours. The park was just off a huge lake. There was a point on the drive there that I could see a huge part of the lake. As soon as my eyes caught the water my heart starting racing, my eyes were drinking up the blue sight.

I miss family and friends from home, but there was something about the water that made me miss it a lot more.

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Chrissy said...

I am the soon as I see the water, my heart starts racing for excitement and I can hardly wait until my feet touch the sand! xxx