Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sweet Days

There was a time, before I was pregnant with Alyson that Scott and I had to have "the talk." The one where we talk about all the pros and cons of bringing another baby into the world.

The topic that would always resurface--how will the other children respond? How would they take having another child to share their time with? How would they get on with losing sleep when the baby would get up during the night? How would it affect Destyni when we would have to say no to sleepovers until I was rested up enough to be able to take care of an extra child? Sleepovers are a huge part of little girls life. I try and explain this to Scott, that both Alyson and Destyni will always need their own rooms, for sleepovers and gossip with their friends ( I leave out the part about the giggling over boys for hours because Scott's heart belongs to his little girls) We wondered if Jonathan would mind waiting just one more year before hitting the soccer fields because being pregnant and Scott's job meant that I couldn't fully commit to anything more than what was already on my plate.

But we always came back to the same thing. We wanted our children to have siblings, to lean on, to love, to care for. And that one day when Scott and I may not walk this beautiful Earth again we want them to have each other. The more the merrier, right?

Months later we found out we were pregnant with Alyson. Months after that we found out it was a girl. A sister for Destyni and Jonathan. Just what was wanted. We kept telling our children that we would have no say in what we are going to have but those comments went in one ear and out the other. They wanted a sister. They already had a brother.

And our beautiful baby was born.

Jonathan didn't have much time for Alyson at the beginning, when visiting the hospital he was more interested in the snacks that the nurses brought in. But Destyni, she was in love.

Jonathan snuggling up to the snacks, Destyni to her sister.
 It took less than two weeks for Jonathan to fall in love with Alyson. Nothing new happened, but it was like one day he woke and knew that she was going to be so special in his life.

Having Alyson changed our lives. Not just for the obvious reasons but for so much more. Jonathan became a better brother to Destyni, became an amazing helper to me and became Alyson's little play buddy. When Alyson sees Jonathan she goes crazy. Her little chubb legs start pumping and she can't wait to grab a hold of him.
Destyni became even more helpful around the house. Helping with Alyson anyway she could. Grabbing diapers, changing her (who doesn't want their own real doll), helping me pick out clothes for her to wear. She became a better sister to Jonathan, and an amazing sister to Alyson. When Alyson sees Destyni she tries to talk to her, in her own little burbly words.

Watching my children grow in love is amazing. I wanted to write about this today because today they have been giving me bits and pieces of what our future will look like. Alyson crying on the floor and Jonathan handing her one of his special toys. Jonathan asking for milk and Destyni running to the kitchen to grab a cup before the sentence in out of his mouth. Leaning on one another, helping one another and loving one another.

It's an amazing life!!!

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Katrina @ They All Call Me Mom said...

Awwww...this is such a sweet post.

Now, I'm just a tad bit biased about adding on having nine children and all...but I will say that the more you have, the easier it gets. Sounds crazy, I know. But the sleepovers? They still happen, even when I'm pregnant. Even with a new baby. In fact, our last baby (who was born at home) was born the day of my then 13 year old's birthday slumber party. The baby was born in the early AM hours, and my daughter's party was that night. A house full of 13 year olds...with mom and new baby upstairs, secluded and resting (bonding!) while dad took care of the party. You see, for us...the show must go on. No matter what. After you have so many, you just learn to roll with things. Soccer still happens, sleepovers happen, school plays and musicals happen. ou name it, it happens.

Anyway, it's all SO worth it. Siblings are the BEST gifts you can give to your children. My kids always have someone to play with, always have someone to climb in bed with, always have someone to fight with (yes, they do that...and that's okay!)

The other day, I told my two year old, "Aria...go play in your room for a little bit." and she toddled off to her room, then quickly came back and said, "But one in dare to pway wit!" and I said, "Okay...go run and find A.J. or Aislynn...they'll play with you." (my 8 and 6 year olds) So I hear her little fit flip-flap down the hallway, and I hear her little voice, " pway wit me?" and he says, "Okay...what do you want to play?" and she said, "House. I'm da mama and you da baby, o-tay?" and my heart was just so full, listening to that conversation. It's just beautiful, you know?

Anyway, your children are gorgeous. And just look at the cheeks on that little one! (in your header) She's so cute!

I'm a new follower! Thank you for stopping by my blog:)