Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Control Escape

As I am sitting here patiently waiting for Spring.. this is what is happening outside.

I am a bit discouraged considering that just yesterday I hung up the winter coats and pants in the closet. The closet that is used for keeping clothes that aren't to be worn until next season! I am kind of wanting to drop kick have a chat with Mother Nature!!

So for now I am trying to gain more of this

And pretend I am going to do this somewhere warm and sunny

In the meantime I am watching Alyson grow more quickly than I care to admit. Little Miss has a second tooth poking through. She also has been getting over a nasty cold, which makes her wake at the oddest hours. Like 11:00pm and 4:00am and then 6:00am.

But she's on the ball with learning to share. Unfortunately it was her cold with Jonathan, who handles colds about as well as his Daddy. Which means his world came to a fast halt the minute that his nose started running. If only bells would come with colds, that could be rung for Mommy to come as soon as something was needed. Like taking the used tissue to the garbage--seriously!!  There have been many tears in this house lately (I can't say that those tears were all coming from the kids).

So for now my buddy Lysol and I are having quite a close relationship! Please hurry Spring, my sheets are just dying to be dried outside on the line!!!

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Slidecutter said...

As I sit and read your post, snow is falling outside my window, and not too softly!

I made that mistake on Sunday in putting away gloves, hubby's thermals, hats and my winter boots. My feet had a brief moment of slipping into their favorite Ariat mules and my toes wiggled with delight. Today it was warm socks and the dreaded snow boots, one more time.

If you happen to talk with M. Nature, have her call me...thank you!