Monday, March 21, 2011

March Break

Last week was a wonderful week!! Destyni was on March Break, Scott took some vacation time and the weather was beautiful. I don't think that there was one day that the kids couldn't go out and play. We relaxed, did some shopping, had a movie night and went for walks. It was a perfect little stay-cation.

It was great to have Destyni home for St. Patrick's Day. We made crafts, baked green muffins and all the kids were decked out in green. Although Alyson's outfit only lasted for a few minutes due to her crazy drooling habits.

My once Toothless Wonder is now toothed! I was so proud when I checked her gums and felt a little point at the end of my fingertip. I was so impressed at how well she handled getting that tooth, her very first one. Both Destyni and Jonathan spiked outrageous fevers and were just miserable for those first few days.

But like any mommy told secret....I should have kept my mouth shut! As soon as those words were uttered to Scott, "I can't believe how well she is doing",  I looked at him knowing I had sealed my fate. Does this happen to you? When you brag about how well your child is doing everything turns upside down and becomes worse.


That was the time Miss. Alyson decided was wake up time!!!
 Ugg!! So now I am debating on either injecting coffee into my veins or looking for a top of the line espresso machine!!! It's evident! March Break is over.

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Slidecutter said...

When my kids were little, I remember making comments about how good they were doing in school, or how well the three were getting along...then, the roof would fall-in and I'd mentally slap myself.

I vote for the Espresso Machine, lol

Hope you're seeing signs of Spring!