Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Walking on Snow Banks!!

I want happy. I want content ...and dammit while I am wanting...I want sun! I know my last post was all about how I was going to make this Winter fun, fun , fun!!! I planned on doing all these super fun outdoor activities with the kids to make the winter go by faster. What I forgot (sleep deprivation perhaps?) that when the temperature drops down to -35 there is nothing that we can do outside....except freeze. So where does that leave me? That's right...wanting sun!!!

And that's where I think I will find happy and content. It's not that I am unhappy or not content but after spending days inside I feel a little frayed around the edges. And I think I am lacking Vitamin D...so come on Mother Nature bring on the sunshine. I am dreaming of days spent at the beach, outside watching the children play  in the sprinkler, evening walks and the sun going down later than five in the evening. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so because last check up on the weather station showed almost 30cm of snow to fall in the next two days. I guess Mother Nature and I have our wires crossed....sigh.

Winter seems especially long this year for some strange reason and it's only the beginning of February. Maybe it's because there has been at least two feet of snow on the ground since the first of December. I just hope when Spring starts showing it's beautiful array of colors the snow will melt as quickly as it fell. So for now, I am staying warm and bundled indoors, dreaming of warmer days =)

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