Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boy Girl Boy Girl

Boy Girl Boy Girl
Alex, Destyni, Jonathan, Alyson
That's how we do things in this family. Equal, fair and even...


Like I had any say in what gender baby I was having and Alex was born before I even met Scott so I have no leg to stand on..... BUT it just so happened that it turned out equal and I am grateful. When I was pregnant  with Destyni I couldn't find out  the sex of the baby ( I don't know if I would have found out if it was a possibility)  but I had a strong suspicion that I was carrying a girl. I guess it was mothers intuition. I  knew that Jonathan was a boy before I had him and with Alyson we decided to find out before she was born.

I feel so grateful that I am getting to raise both sons and daughters. I love spending bits of time with each of them doing things that they love to do. Destyni decided a bit ago that she wanted to dye her hair. She has quite long hair and I didn't want to put any chemicals in it in case she decided that she wants to chop it off and donate it. I finally found some hair dye that could be used without complications. I loved getting her all ready to dye her hair, she was so excited. Buzzing around the house getting everything we would need . Asking questions, begging Scott to take pictures while I was dying it so she could see the progress. Next time I will remember to dye it in front of a mirror so she can see it all happening.

She loves it. Loves that it's different. She couldn't wait to go and show her friends the next day at school. I love being able to take her shopping, painting our nails together and doing all things "girly."

Then there is Jonathan. My busy bee. He loves playing -- anything and everything. We play basketball in his room (he has a net hooked to his closet door), play cars on his mats, and any other sport that he can think of. Hockey and golf are two favorites. He loves to play the Wii. Loves to play any game that has anything to do with sports. I spend most of my time watching him in silent awe, he has this ability to know exactly what to do even though he can't read yet.

 Destyni and Jonathan have a lot of similar qualities. They both love with their entire being, they both can get hurt so easily by a raised voice or a harsh look. It's not hard to tell they are brother and sister but there is also so much different about them. It's amazing to watch them handle situations, see the way they respond when someone asks them a question. Jonathan is a lot like Alex, play hard and have fun. I would love to write all about Alex, his amazing imagination, how intelligent he is, but the situation is complicated.

We wonder if Alyson will be more like Destyni, Jonathan or Alex. We see some personality starting to show...okay in all honestly we see personality sparking from all over! I can't wait to see if she will be like one of her siblings or just her own little person. What I do know is that Scott is a bit scared to find out. His words, "Her red hair and your French blood..." (as he shakes his head).I think we may have our hands full with this one. I better end this post now though, I see a BumbleBee transformer making his way toward me just waiting to fight an evil  Megatron.

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