Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It started happening again! The fading way into nothingness. Wondering where Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday went while I was waking up to a weak Friday sunlight. I need purpose, I need excitement, I need sparkle! I need to feel alive...oh Winter, you are beating me this year.

 I told myself this year it wouldn't happen, I told myself that I would get out there and do fun things all winter. I would keep the children busy so they wouldn't  feel like winter was dragging on like I do. But it was so fun to stay in , stay warm, drinking hot strong coffee, making warm meals, just snuggling on the couch watching TV, playing games with the children.  I went out when the fridge started looking bare or for much needed coffee runs. I stayed in, stayed warm and stayed put. And just about the time when that started becoming boring my parents and nephew booked a trip to come see us and I un-hibernated.

It's been SO much fun since they arrived. My nephew, Camron, and Destyni are a mere four months apart and they are best friends. That's not a term that Destyni uses lightly either. Destyni, Jonathan and Alyson love having their grandparents here to spoil them rotten and are enjoying some much needed time with their cousin.

They arrived last week, flew into the Pearson Airport where Desytni and I went to pick them up. I summoned enough courage to leave the comfort of my van and trotted around the airport looking for the right Terminal. This airport experience was a lot better than the last, it may have been because I only had one child with me or because I didn't have a screaming baby on my hip, or because I drank a gallon of coffee that day so my energy level was through the roof. I think the real reason was that I was feeding off of Destyni's positive energy, we had so much fun driving to the airport, blaring music and singing.

We have been trying to jam tons of activities into the week that they will be here. We visited the Georgian Mall where the kids enjoyed some ice cream treats!

Poor Destyni ended up getting the flu shortly after we left the mall and spent the next day in bed. She's such a trooper when she's sick. One day in bed and the next day she was buzzing around the house, packing her purse and spreading excitement through the house ensuring everyone knew that we were not staying home for one more day.

So we headed into Toronto. It was so much fun. The kids were able to experience their first subway ride. I would be lying if I said that heading into a big city with four children wasn't a little scary so we did a buddy system. The ratio was one child per one adult and worked great! Here we all are with our buddies =)

We visited the Hockey Hall of Fame, took tons of pictures, went out for supper at the Rainforest Cafe--one of the best places to eat if you have children. This place is amazing!! To top off an amazing day we grabbed Starbucks before driving home. Just the right amount of sparkle=)

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