Friday, January 7, 2011

Sleep...I miss you!

I learned two very important things today. One...Toronto Airport is NOT easy to find if you are coming from the North direction. No matter who tells you it's easy to find, they are lying or the person was a  truck driver in a previous career. That's right Scott, that comment was aimed at you. And two...I am not a happy person when I have a quarter of the sleep I am used to getting.

 Getting to the airport... success...sort of, but only because we all made it in one piece. Leaving the airport...complete failure! I don't know where it all went wrong. There are a few things that I try never to do. I do not raise my voice at my children in public and I don't curse in public. I am not saying that if the time calls for it I don't have "a look" that makes my children stand almost at attention (I am not scary...truly, I just don't condone attitude and whining).
We (we being myself, Destyni, Jonathan and Alyson) drop my mother-in-law off at her gate and we start walking back the way we came. I landmark things when I am in in a new place. It's the only way that I haven't ended up lost or halfway across the country when the need to shop was stronger then the need to learn anything about the neighborhood that we moved into.

I knew we needed to pass two coffee kiosks. Alyson started getting fussy by the time we reached the first one. I don't even remember passing the second one, maybe that's where everything started going wrong. I ran up to the counter at the first cute little coffee shop and grabbed a Diet Pepsi and asked for a cup of hot water to heat Alyson's bottle. As Alyson starts getting louder and louder I ask Destyni to grab her bottle out of the diaper bag. Then I realize that her bottle is still in the van.

By this time I am starting to get hot, I can actually feel the wool of my winter coat scratching at the back of my neck. Normally when Alyson cries it doesn't bother me, I know that I can get what she needs in minutes, but at the airport I was clearly aware just how far away my van was. The kids and I start the fastest walking without running routine that ever was.

Up ahead I see a moving sidewalk, I also see the sign that has no strollers allowed but there is a time and a place to break rules and this was definitely one of those times. I race/drag the kids to the moving sidewalk, and just up ahead I see an open area with elevators to take us to the floor that our van is parked on. We jump on the sidewalk, I am desperately trying to make sure that the stroller is on, Alyson is perched on my right hip, I have Jonathan holding on to my left hand and I am trying to give Destyni instructions on hopping on to the moving sidewalk. In seconds we are all on successfully...wishful thinking! As soon as I jumped on I noticed something wrong, it felt like I was walking on wet tar. It took a millisecond to realize that we were on a moving sidewalk going the opposite way...enter the public cursing! As if that's not embarrassing enough, I am trying to get the kids off the sidewalk before one of them falls or something terrible happens and Jonathan trips. It was horrible. And ended up getting worse when I am trying to pick Jonathan up off the floor, hold on to the stroller, hang on to Alyson and help Destyni get her footing.  Now enter raising my voice at my children. But maybe it was because I was trying to yell over Alyson's constant crying. And it wasn't yet eight the morning =(

The known as the bane of my existence. So Mom, Tommy, Jenn, and Tasha, when you come to visit I will gladly pick you up at the airport. Thankfully you all know what my van looks like so you won't have a hard time finding me in the parking lot, cause that's where I'll be. Hiding in my comfort zone. Oh by the way, I have taken the liberty of looking up price fares from the Hamilton airport =)


Jennifer, Olivia & Ethan said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I don't know why but this had me laughing out loud!!! Not the fact that baby J fell, but that I can just see you all hot, and bitchy, and cursing, and yelling "over Alyson"...HEHEHE...and this is why I love you so much!!! xo

Ms. Sarah said...

This sounds like me going from dc to frankfurt germany with a 5 and 7 year old and 17 bags