Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chase Those Blues Away...

I get that during this time of year it's hard to plan events, or get inspired in any way to do anything fun. All you really want to do is curl up in bed and stay under the covers until the sun decides to lose it's dullness and shine in that blinding way that only summer brings. And staying in bed under the covers would be so okay if you didn't have three children on the brink of "what's next" every few minutes. Since Scott has to study so much during this course I find myself not only doing regular parenting roles but also trying to find as much entertainment to squeeze into the weekends to keep the children busy so they aren't bugging Daddy to play.

 Scott studies in our room with the door shut but we are all aware that he is still just upstairs. There are times during the day when either Destyni or Jonathan will sneak away and I will find them in our room with Scott showing him something new that they have drawn, colored or learned to do. Okay to be honest, there are times when I even find myself in our room getting in a few minutes of adult conversation. Just because I can! Poor Scott, these are the reasons we actually have to leave the house. Temptation is just to strong when we know he is home.
So the kids and I decided to go sledding. We saw a hill in one of the little towns only a few kilometers from our house. Destyni thought the hill looked so fun so we just had to test it out. We had an amazing time, the kids had so much fun and it was exactly what we needed to pass the time.

This winter I decided to kick away any winter blues by going out and having some fun, even if the sun isn't shining all that brightly. At least it's out!! And the bonus is cold cheek kisses and  post winter fun hot chocolate =)

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