Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back To...Normal?

Routine. Blah! Even feels bad rolling off my tongue. It's always been harder to get back to routine after the Christmas break then the summer break. I wonder why. Maybe because from January summer vacation looks so far away. I liked my days filled with every other day sleeping in, wrapping presents, enjoying wine for supper even if it was a Monday night, Destyni, Jonathan, and Alyson's excitement about Christmas. Not that Alyson really understood but she slept through the night over the entire vacation so I am going to claim it's because she was so jazzed during the day about Christmas that she was exhausted and slept through the night. That's what I am going to tell myself because since vacation  ended she has been getting up through the night. By 5:20am I had already been up four times. After the third time of getting up to readjust a soother, or turn off a bathroom light that Jonathan being thoughtful had left on, blinding me in the dark, I vaguely remember stomping down the stairs for a bottle and Scott quietly getting up out of bed and gathering all of his work clothes and school work. Coming over to kiss me on the head and tell me that he was just going to get ready in the bathroom. He probably felt safer behind a locked door.

But seriously if it only takes a Christmas tree and some lights to make Alyson sleep through the night I am considering keeping a tree up all year.  I would even put a tree in her room,  why not right? As parents aren't we suppose to keep our children happy. This all makes sense in my head, keeping up decorations, lights and a tree. Then again I am going on very limited sleep and I am pretty sure I just seen Jonathan do a magic trick that actually made Destyni disappear, either that or she left for school. Maybe for the next little bit I shouldn't be making any important decisions. So for now I'll leave Alyson's room tree-less and hope that even her routine will go back to pre-2011.Yawn...

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