Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas In The Air

This has to be one of the most exciting times of year. It gets dark so much earlier now, and some years that use to bother me but this year I decided to take it all in. The earlier it gets darker the faster you can enjoy all the Christmas lights shining from the houses.

This year Christmas seems to have gone through the roof here at home. I don't know if it's because Jonathan understands what's going on. We have explained a thousand times that it's not about the presents, it's the giving not receiving. I am kind of under the assumption that he thinks "giving" us a Christmas lists qualifies for the giving bit of Christmas. But he's a four year old child. As long as we have told him the true meaning of Christmas I think we have done our part. Then we let the excitement roll off of him in waves.
Or maybe it's because my parents have dropped off a sled of gifts before we moved so they wouldn't have to mail them to us. There is this huge pile of gifts sitting in one corner of our living room just waiting to be opened. Mom, if you read this I haven't yet peeked....but I make no promises.

Jonathan has been looking through the catalogues that have been sent our way asking for anything and everything. He thinks every toy is a game and keeps asking, "Can I play that game?" I am not sure what his reaction will be on Christmas morning when he realizes that there was not enough room on Santa's sleigh (Or Mommy and Daddy's bank account) to get everything. And Destyni has circled everything in the catalogues with the initials of which child wants what. One Saturday I peeked into my all to quiet living room to see Desytni and Jonathan, heads bowed together circling everything that they wanted. When I went through the book later I saw some toys that had Alyson's name on them. Makes your heart flutter when you realize how thoughtful your children really are.

Although the best gift we will give our children this year will be to fly Scott's mom up for Christmas. The ticket has been bought and plans are being put into place. I love having my mother in law for Christmas. I know, sounds totally off the mark but it's true. I love the relationship that I have with her. She is someone who I share things with, someone who I laugh with and she is the first person I call when I need any advice about my children. I believe I have grown as a mother because of her. And then of course there is the relationship that she has with my children. She is the type of grandmother to sit at a table with her grandchildren for six straight hours trying to remove a dinosaur from a hunk of earth (Alex went through a paleontologist stage) or putting together a complete circular puzzle. There is something to say about grandparents, they can totally relate to the amount of love you have for your children because they carry so much of what you cherish.

To say that we are excited about this Christmas is an understatement. And when we woke up this morning the ground had a layer of beautiful sparkling snow. Being surrounded by love is the true meaning of Christmas in our home!!

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