Friday, October 15, 2010

Our Birthday Boy

It's so hard to believe that today is our youngest son's birthday!!! Today we explained to him that he is no longer three, now he's four. We love to celebrate birthday's in our household, it's that one special day of the year that is all about you and just you. But honestly, my children's birthday's are one of the hardest days for me. It's always so bittersweet. I love that they are growing up, becoming more independent and learning new skills. On the other hand they are growing up. That statement always seems to feel surreal at the end of the celebration.
On each birthday I look at the clock every few minutes wondering what I was doing on the day that they arrived. I remember what it was like to hold their tiny little bodies and look into their eyes, falling in love with them over and over again.
Jonathan is an amazing amazing four year old. He was my second pregnancy and being pregnant with him was nothing like the first time. After carrying three children I am sold on the fact that you can get an impression of their personality before they are born. Jonathan was active, he kicked for hours on end. He moved constantly and kept me up for hours during the night. And this was all before he was born. His due date was the 14th of  October, which would have been a Saturday. Which makes the day before Friday the 13th. And of course that was the day he was born. Ever since that day Scott and I knew that he would always beat adversity. We knew that this child of ours had a plan and we were their to guide him on his way, not to show him the way. He was born knowing his way. Jonathan always knows what he wants, even at this tender age, he knows. He has more energy than I can handle on a good day, he just goes and goes and goes. I have heard from other moms that this is a boy thing, and I wouldn't change it for the world. Jonathan does things on his own time, and only when he's ready. He walked at a later age, he spoke at a later age. This was something new to me because Destyni did everything either right on time or before her age. What an amazing experience though. Just because a text book says children should walk at this age, why should they  have to? I have learned that a child will do anything when he or she is ready and not a second before.

So Jonathan, my sweet, sweet youngest son, thank you for coming into my life. And please don't grow up too fast...xxoo

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