Saturday, October 16, 2010

Plans, Plans, Plans

I had a plan...once. A long time ago. In no particular order it went:  fall in love, get married, have children, find a career, and plant roots. That was the plan, years ago. I think the correct word used to describe what I wanted was "normal". The one word in the English language that should not have a definition. It should be defined by the person using it, never by a standard answer. I never imagined that I wouldn't be living on PEI for the rest of my life. Moving away was not even on my radar.

At the time I met Scott he wasn't in the Military, so planning our lives together didn't include moving away from home. Home...another word used casually. Things change, in the blink of an eye. Scott re-joined the Army and my perception of normal floated away. Shortly into 2007 we moved away to Oromocto NB. Then we were posted to Greenwood NS. Now we are leaving to go to Borden ON, and before we even start packing we already know that our stay their is limited. Scary? Not even for a second. I love the thrill of a new place, new people, new adventures. This will be the third time that I won't see the house I am going to live in before we move in. Scott picks out the houses and I see them days before the moving company starts loading our things in. I have learned that it is never what a house looks like or how big it is that makes a house a home. A home truly is where the heart is.

Now, it wouldn't bother me where we lived. Scott and I will talk for hours about the pros and cons of all the bases across Canada and even the world. We would move anywhere just for the experience. Why not? It's not like you get a do over in life, it's a one shot deal.

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