Thursday, October 7, 2010

For Jenn..xxoo

My best girlfriend brought to my attention that I should start blogging again. She mentioned that she loves to read blogs, and since we don't live as close to our family anymore I decided she had a great point. So Jenn, this is for you, and anybody else who would like a look into my life. It's definitely a roller coaster =)

To start this off, I am a mom. And yes I am one of those people who could talk for hours about my kids. Which I do, but maybe not tonight. Tonight I will try to focus on who I am...although I spend hours trying to figure out the same thing so this may not go as planned=)

As I stated above my life is a roller coaster...I am the type of girl (yes oddly enough I still refer to myself as a girl) that will always fall on an ice patch going into a store...but it has to be a huge store, and it has to be during the Christmas rush. In fairness lets say the Friday before Christmas, and the parking lot has to be filled with cars, mostly vans. Vans that are jammed pack filled with kids, and their fathers (mothers are doing the shopping) who are trying to catch three minutes of sleep while his 17 kids are in the back fighting...that is until they see me wipe out. Entertainment at its best. Things like that always happen. You would think that after living like this for most of my life I would get accustomed to the embarrassing moments. NOPE! My sister and her husband were kind enough to send over a DVD copy of their wedding reception. I haven't had the courage to watch it yet because I know that as soon as my speech finishes and I go to walk up the four steps to the head table I wipe out. They have been married for 3 years!!!

On the other hand though I couldn't be luckier...odd as it may sound.  Four beautiful children, my  husband is my best friend, I have an amazing family and I couldn't ask for better friends. So I guess the way I look at it, the falling down in public places and having my dress come up over my head, or turning very quickly when someone called my name only to smash into an iron pole and knock myself out...if that's the debt that I have to pay to have what I have than I will gladly do it over again. Well maybe not the dress coming over my head, that one still gives me nightmares =)

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Jennifer, Olivia & Ethan said...

I feel so special!! Love you and love reading this!! Your amazing xo