Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Goats that do what???

There's this gem of a girl that I know. She's loads of fun, stunningly beautiful, one of my closest friends and has a heart for anything with fur. That gem just happens to be my baby sister... 

While my older sister and I have children, Tasha's love is for animals, especially dogs and goats! When she comes and visits I think she showers as much attention on my children as on Hooper.

Can you blame her?
I have been trying to sell Scott on the idea of getting a goat for our family for quite some time now. He promised that if we buy a property with a significant amount of land then I can get a goat. This is so exciting for me, but now the big question is, what kind of goat?  Tasha, being the huge animal lover, suggested this type of goat.

Seriously, have you seen anything cuter?? Now I just have to convince Scott that I would like at least two, it would be unfair for them not to have each other when they frighten so easy, right?

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Slidecutter said...

The goats are sweet...get at least 6, lol.

Read about these goats and how they are bred to preserve this "fainting" gene/defect. Amazing stuff!