Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Running Away

The air was crisp. I felt it the second I stepped out the door. The ground was wet. The sound of thunder and the flashes of lightening had awoke me several times during the night. That and our poor sweet pooch can't sleep when it's storming out. He just whines and whines until you pet him and reassure him that everything will be just fine.
Cute or what????

I take in the beautiful morning catching a hint of sunlight in the corner of my right eye. I turn left. Give myself the usual pep talk..."You can do this, you WILL do this." I stretch my arms, flex my leg muscles, deep breath and I'm off.

I can hear the sound of my sneakers slapping the wet sidewalk over the music that's playing softly in my ears. I turn the corner. I am relaxed, I feel good, I feel strong and powerful. I am silently singing with the music, the violinist in me needs to move my fingers to the strumming of any bass guitar sound that fills my head. My legs tire, I slow down. I feel energized again, I pick up a little speed. My feet are eating up the kilometers (I'm Canadian, eh).

I keep going, hearing the birds singing, passing no one. I turn the corner. It's the homestretch. I feel revived. I see my home in sight. I am now facing the sun, brilliant orange lights up the sky. I run up the driveway, let myself in the house. I feel incredible. I am on a high!! The thought of jumping into a cool shower makes me kick off my sneakers a little more quickly.
I stretch and glance at the clock--- 5:28......AM.

How did you kick off your Tuesday?

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Patty said...

Kicked-off my Tuesday by cursing our neighbor's Rooster at 4:18 a.m.; actually, that's how Monday and all the previous days started off!

As God is my witness, I will, in the dark of night, sneak through the woods and to our neighbor's house. I will ship that damn bunch of feathers to Sheboygan...for no good reason, just because I like saying it.

I will sleep again.