Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rushed Moments

I am still here. It's been ages since I posted's been so busy here at home. In my defence I did write a post and it was suppose to be published. Then something wonky happened and I wasn't able to get into blogger for two days so... I am starting over. It wasn't a wonderful post anyhow...I will make this one more sparkly =)

It has been a really busy few weeks. Destyni's school has been working on the play, Snow White since January and last week the entire school performed it. She was so excited about us going to see her act, it was so cute! Jonathan gave her a big bouquet of flowers at the end, I am not sure who was more smitten. Destyni for receiving the flowers or Jonathan for watching the play. They both talked about it for days afterward.

The flowers Jonathan brought her.

Then we celebrated Mother's Day. It started with sleeping in, homemade cards, sloppy kisses in bed and random snuggles all day from any of the three children. I have so much to say about this Mother's Day but I am running out of time. From driving Destyni to birthday parties, getting through naps, keeping Jonathan entertained, and trying to keep my house...umm we'll say "clean", I am on limited time. I promise that I will post an amazing post soon!!

For all of you that live your life through some musical form and love that heart feeling rhythm you NEED to listen to Adele's song,
Be prepared to turn the music to deafening heights and grab something or someone to dance with!!!

Much love!!

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Slidecutter said...

Oh Crystal...those children, their beautiful faces...especially Alyson's radiant smile, what joys!

Glad you enjoyed a wonderful Mom's Day! Don't apologize for all that's on your plate, family comes first. The rest of us can wait.

When you come back, more pics of the kiddies, please!