Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Bliss

I am feeling the weekend. The slowness of it all, the laid back, no routine, drinking coffee for the taste not the necessity. I love weekends.

I have read that Spring is creeping in and around in certain places,  but where we are there is still a lot of snow. Even last night at least 5 cms fell. Please Mother Nature bring Spring soon, my children have the cutest little rain boots that are just waiting to be broken in. Thanks Walmart!

I am not the only one in this house that loves weekends. We all take our turn squeezing as much relaxing and enjoyment out of it.

After a day of playing outside a movie was a must. (Or so I was told) Nothing like laying in front of the fireplace with a big bowl of popcorn. I just had to take this picture, I love the innocence of Destyni and Jonathan.  But after an hour and some of relaxing, the opposite is just bound to happen. The giggles and energy set in!!!
Just a wee bit of crazy floating around this house. They get it honestly enough =) Even Alyson likes to get down with her bad self.
This scarf did start off in my hair as an accessory , but Alyson just couldn't resist wearing it. Really though, what eight month old doesn't need a silk scarf?

And next week is March Break, so this is just the beginning of the "not going to do to much" week. So excited!!

I hope you all had a great weekend as well. I have to end this now though because I have currently lost a hand to the casualty of Alyson's teething mouth and am typing one handed =)


Short Leg Lucy said...

your babies are so beautiful!!! Love the silk scarf! Saw you on FTLOB!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the follow! Your kids are adorable! Glad to meet you.

nicole. said...

ahhhhhh our rain boots are well worn in over here. mainly because it rains ALL year round in Oregon!!!!!