Sunday, March 6, 2011

Snow Snow Make Some Room...I Wish To See My Flowers Bloom

I'm better now. My grumpy self subsided when I realized that I get to sleep in on Saturdays. I think somewhere along the road of "Pity Party" and "Sulking 101" I forgot that even though the day may start off cruddy there is usually some form of rainbow at the end. ( of red wine, I'm not picky)

And of course there is talk of SPRING!! I can't wait for flowers to bloom, snow to melt away and to wear soft pink again. Spring is just a feel good season. Even if my washer doesn't agree. Jonathan likes to jump, run and splash through every single mud puddle he can find. Destyni is more of the girly girl type and looks on in despair at Jonathan but then I see the envy in her eyes. Next thing Destyni is splashing through as well. I let them! Not all the time, as long as they are wearing darker clothing and we aren't going anywhere, I let them. It just looks too fun not to. This year, since I am not pregnant and have all ability to jump, I may just go out and buy myself some cute rain boots and join them. Where's the fun in watching from the sidelines?? And someone has to teach Alyson how to properly kick up her heels in the rain!!

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Joelle said...

It felt like Spring here in Southern California yesterday, but now it's back to being gloomy :(

Hope Spring comes for you soon.

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