Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree....

Today was all out Christmas in our house!! We went and picked out our tree yesterday and let it settle all night so it would be nice and full for today. That's my only concern when picking out a tree, I don't care what kind of tree it is, I don't care if it drops needles or not but I need a fat tree!! Big, puffy, hardly fit in your front window fat. This tree is a bit thinner than I had hoped for. It took us quite a while to find someone, anyone who was selling trees and we didn't feel the need to go searching elsewhere when we did finally find someone. We could have went to a tree farm, made it a special day for the family, took the camera and made memories but after three feet of snow plunking down in just a few days I had my own  images of what going into the woods with three children in three feet of snow would  look like. 
Scott set the tree up last night after we got home but Jonathan was really in no mood to wait. We had brought down the tree decorations a few days before and his always busy hands found them and he decided that he wasn't waiting for this to be a family event. He wanted to decorate by himself.
But today, the real tree decorating day there was lots of little helping hands. Jonathan started by helping out but somewhere along the way he found some wooden toy soldiers and when I looked over at him the toy soldiers were in some critical dispute about which one of them left the group to go and hide under the blanket. And then there were two.

Alyson was helping out as well, I was carrying her to the tree to place an ornament on one of the branches and just walking around with her on my hip. I thought she was enjoying herself but clearly Christmas decorating is for the seasoned celebrators. And then there was one...

Destyni loves to help decorate for Christmas. She loves searching through all the ornaments and asking if she made it, or how old she was when she made it. A lot of the decorations we have in our home are handmade so they are quite special. And most of them were made by Destyni.

So even though we lost a few cuties to playing and napping, the tree is almost done, the decorating almost complete but we are definitely ready for Santa.

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