Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Heart.....For You

We have four children, ages all over the grid. Our love for them is undeniable. I live for the moments when my heart feels as if it may burst at any moment. Below would be some of the reasons why:

~Destyni distracting Alyson by making up a fifteen minute long story until we can get to a rest stop
~Jonathan looking over at Alyson and singing "Just The Way You Are" to her..."Girl, you're amazing, just the way you are"
~Alex running in from outside holding Destyni's hand telling her she has to stay inside because there are boys out there that may hurt her
~Destyni reading a bedtime book to Jonathan
~Jonathan telling me that Scott is "the best boy I ever knew"
~Alyson smiling when either Destyni or Jonathan come into the room
~As I am walking out of my bedroom getting ready to go and pick up Scott at the airport, Jonathan looks over at me, "Mom you look like a princess"
~Going in to pick up Alyson from her crib and she laughs out loud
~Destyni grabbing my hand when we are walking up to  her school on the first day
~Alex showing Jonathan how to race dinky's
~Jonathan asking Destyni for a sleepover
~Saturday mornings when we grab all the kids and take them into bed with us
~Good night hugs and kisses
~Anytime snuggles

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