Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Mondays are hard. Getting back into the swing of things. This Monday was so different, thanks to Destyni, Jonathan, Alyson and Scott. You guys couldn't have made this Monday more special!!

I was a little worried about Jonathan when we found out we were pregnant with Alyson. We didn't know how he would react to having a new sister and not being the baby anymore. I don't think Alyson could have asked for a more loving big brother. Jonathan came up on the couch sat beside Alyson, took her hand and start singing to her.

As I was cooking dinner Scott was helping Destyni with her homework. Seeing him sitting at the kitchen table with both of his girls made my heart flutter.

During supper we always listen to music and most nights we are graced with some singing and the occasional dancing from Destyni and Jonathan. There was something in the air tonight that made the kids rock out with no boundries.

And my handsome husband, there to pour me a glass of wine and to offer some chocolates, maybe a must have for Monday's.

Then maybe one of the sweetest things of the evening, seeing those beautiful children sleeping. Alyson fell asleep on the couch tonight so I was able to capture it.

So thank you to my amazing family!! I love you all so much!!

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