Friday, October 29, 2010

Sweet Memories

We cleaned our house today. Not just a regular cleaning, a get down on the floor scrub every nook and cranny cleaning. It was bittersweet. Yesterday morning we checked into the first of many hotels we are going to stay at in the next week. I am so excited to be moving, I love the thrill of a new place and all the new memories that we will share. But as I am cleaning my mind is replaying all of the memories that have happened in this house.

The kitchen reminds me of all the deep conversations that Scott and I shared as we cooked dinner together, the talks about our future and our dreams. Of telling each other about our work days or cute things our children have done. I love the slight touches as one of us reaches into the fridge as the other one is preparing vegetables at the counter. The sweet winks and stolen kisses as our children play around us. We have shared our dining room with so many friends and family. Dinner at our house is like taking a time out from the "real world". You sit, you talk, sip wine or water and just enjoy what's happening at that moment.
Walking upstairs I trail my fingers down the wall surrounding the kids bedrooms. I can see them playing in their rooms. Destyni laying belly down on her bed, designing clothes or making signs for all the doors in our house. Mommy and Daddy's Room, Patio This Way. What house has a sign on every door so you know exactly where you are going?
Jonathan kneeling on his floor in front of his bunk beds with all of his cars and trucks lined up on his bed. Racing them, bumping them together and making all of his car sounds. Or reading his books before bed, making up the story as he goes.
And Alyson's room. It wasn't used very much. She stayed with us in our room for weeks. But walking in her room you can still smell the sweet scent of baby laundry detergent. I love peeking over her crib and watching her sleep, so peaceful.

I know we will have these memories and more in our new home but it's still hard to walk away from a home that so many special things happened in. Our children grew up so much in that house, they became more independent. Scott and I shared so many dreams and conversations. It's just a bit hard to walk away. So we watch as our belongings are boxed up and packed into the moving truck. And inside those boxes, beside our clothes, toys and books lingers memories and stories. Our memories and stories.

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