Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Nine Years

Today marks nine years since I said "I do" to my amazingly, funny, sweet husband. We always laugh at the thought of how unromantic he is. He truly is, and I am very okay with that. 

Do you know what replaces romance, sometimes? Sweetness, and Scott is full of sweetness. When I was young I always pictured being married to someone who was romantic. Flowers, chocolates, secret trips to secrets places. What I have now, I wouldn't change for all the wine in Italy- and that's saying something. 

The kind of things that define sweetness are the little things that Scott does, without even realizing it. It's things like, opening all the cupboards and drawers in the morning before he leaves for work because he knows it drives me absolutely batty, but makes me laugh so hard. It's making me tea on Saturday mornings, that's hot and ready for when I get out of the shower. 

When I was laid off from my job he rushed home from work with my favourite coffee, just to see if I was okay. He couldn't stay home all day but he wanted to check in. 

Things like loving me when I was really hard to love, and when I was having a hard time loving myself. 

Pushing me out of my comfort zone and not backing down on me.

Like never sugar coating anything, no cliches. He doesn't tell me that "everything is going to be okay" or " don't worry, it will all work out." And not because he's pessimistic, but because he know those words may not be true.

He's sweet like leaving one of his t-shirts that he's worn on his pillow when he goes away for work. Or calling me to wish me luck when I'm being tested. 

But mostly, I am so lucky because every single day that he's been in my life, through all the valleys and hills, he has made me laugh. Not just giggle or smile, but laughter that shakes my entire insides and makes me realize that romance may fade in and out, but sweetness lasts forever.  

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