Friday, January 30, 2015

For Heather

I love living. I love life. I go to bed each night and am grateful for everything I have in it. I try so hard not to take anything for granted. I work on this daily.

The week before last I was reading through my old blogs. Sometimes I love to read and remember the feelings that I had about a certain event in my life. I write a lot around my children's birthdays, because I know I will want to remember them in detail as time goes by. I came across a comment that a lady had left for me months ago. There was something about it that made me want to contact her, as she had requested. A few days later I received an email from her:


Thank you so much for getting back to me! No worries at all. The reason I was reaching out to you was because I couldn't find an email listed on your blog! I wanted to invite you to help me out with a campaign I was working on to spread awareness of the cancer that almost took my life 9 years ago, mesothelioma.

Luckily, I am currently working on spreading awareness of a special holiday coming up this February 2nd that my husband and I celebrate each year called "Lung Leavin' Day". Nine years ago on the eve of my lung-removal surgery, we were all feeling down and fearful that the surgery wouldn't be successful. So, to overcome our fears, we wrote them on plates and smashed them in a bonfire in our backyard. Every year since then, we continue the tradition by smashing our fears and encouraging others to do the same by sharing them online!

I would love if we could do something on your blog for Lung Leavin' Day. Check out our page, and let me know what you think!

Thanks a million!

Heather's story is beautiful and sad and it needs to be read. There was something so revitalizing about smashing that plate at the end of the webpage. For anyone who may sometimes take life for granted, this will bring you happiness.

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