Thursday, October 23, 2014

Oh Canada

Oh Canada.

This past week has been one that will be forever remembered in Canadian history, unfortunately. This week Canadian's were put through emotional turmoil, hurt, pain and grief.

For twenty minutes I panicked. Full out, taking my children out of school, locking my doors and windows and staying in my basement until I feel safe. Even if it meant years.

 But then I remembered.

 I am Canadian! We are Canadian! And that doesn't mean just ticking off the Canada box when asked what country we live in. It means that we hold our heads high, we sing the national anthem from our hearts and we DO NOT live in fear.

 Perhaps somewhere in a history book, some author forgot to take note that we were never just a nation. We don't all just live together because we share a land mass. We live like a family. Behind each and every solider, each and every police officer, and each and every emergency worker is a family. Standing behind them, holding them up and creating an absolute concrete barrier. So these soldiers, police officers and emergency workers not only have the bravery that allows them to protect our country so well, they also have the strength of millions of people behind them.

Canadians are a lot of things, But we are not cowards!

We are True North Strong and Free!

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