Saturday, March 24, 2012

Share a Little Love

Last night on my way home from work I witnessed one the saddest things I think I have ever seen with my own eyes. It's one thing to watch or listen to the news to find out terrible events but seeing it with your own eyes can be heart wrenching.

I was driving down the road and on the right hand side of me up ahead, there was an elderly gentleman on his bike. On this stretch of road there is no bike lane so cars and cyclists were sharing. On the sidewalk three boys were walking, if I were to guess their age I would say between thirteen and fifteen. I saw the boys grab a sign that was placed in the ground, it was one of those really lightweight signs with two thin metal rods that you sink into the grass. As quick as anything one of the boys shoves the sign between the spokes of the bike that the elderly gentleman was on.

I was a few feet behind him so I watched as he loses control. He veered a little into my lane and then instantly over corrects the other way which makes him run into the curb. The boys take off running, laughing as the man whips around and starts yelling at them. Traffic was heavy at this time and there was no place for me to pull over and see if he was alright. I watch in my rear view mirror as this man pulls over and checks his bike. He then gets back on his bike and starts riding away,  but it's veering slightly to the side.

I enjoy watching practical jokes unfold, be it me that is pulling the joke or the victim of. This was no joke though, that was an immature act that could have had a domino affect of repercussions. What makes three boys all think for one instant that this was a wise idea?

We are all in charge of what we do, how we feel, how we talk to people and treat people. So perhaps if you all could do just one extra special nice act for a stranger it will make up for the rotten way this poor man was treated.


Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Isn't that just awful? What a mean spirited idea to have. I hope I am raising my children well enough to know that that sort of thing so horrible that if they even had friends that did that in front of them they would have stay to help the man on the bike and rethink their relationship with kids like that.

The Ericle said...

Clockwork Orange was a very prescient film!