Monday, April 11, 2011


What a GREAT way to start a week. I just read that Jeri Lynne from The Knight Life has awarded me this!!!

This is my very first award and I am THRILLED to bits!!! So a huge thanks to Jeri Lynne for taking the time to read my blog. You made my day =)

To accept this award a few small details need to be followed.

1. Tell seven things about yourself.
2. Pass along the award to fifteen other bloggers.

Okay seven things about myself.

1. I love to dance.
2. When I am alone in a vehicle I blare the music, ridiculously loud.
3. I love sunsets.
4. I can play the violin.
5. I could probably live on a chocolate diet.
6. I still get butterflies when Scott walks through the door.
7. I rarely get jokes but laugh like I do, only to have someone have to explain them to me afterwards.

And my chosen fifteen blogs that I LOVE are:

Another cookie, please!
Narragansett No. 7
Walking Contradiction
Absolutely Narcissism
Clean Sheets on Sunday
Confessions of a Corn Fed Girl
The Odd Duck
My Blog is Boring
O. is Me
Post Road Vintage
My Crazy Life
Surviving and Thriving in Mom-dom
Focus Jennie!

I can't say enough about these blogs!! They are funny, touching and inspirational!!!
Happy Monday!!


nicole. said...


Thanks!!! Im happy to hear you can relate - and possibly learn a few things... Im excited to learn more about you and your fam.

Nicole @ BEAN

Slidecutter said...

Wow!! Thank you so much!!

Got in late yesterday and am just now catching-up with my fav bloggers...what a lovely surprise!

Have to tell you that your #2 and #7 are both things about me, too! lol

Again, thanks and Hugs!


Johi said...

Thank you! I am honored!

JENNIE! said...

THank you!!! I am super flattered!

Stephanie said...

Thank you, Crystal! And congratulations on getting your first award. I know how fantastic it is to get one. =]

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Someone likes me :) Number 2 and Number 6..same here. I'm smiling. Thank you, Crystal!! Right back at you, I've really enjoyed reading your blog!

b. lee said...

hey lady * congrats on ur award!! & thanx so much for sharin' the love :D so sweet u still get butterflies when ur man walks thru the door ~ ~ ~