Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sugar..Oh Honey Honey

What an amazing weekend! I didn't realize how much I needed a long weekend until I was caught up in it. Ahh...it was great! There was sleeping in, lazy days, BBQ'ed dinner, and enough chocolate to feed a small country.

Destyni loves to celebrate any holiday. She loves making presents at Christmas, loves to help choose and make her costume for Halloween. She helps Scott and I make breakfast in bed for each other on Mother or Father's Day. On your birthday she always makes these beautiful homemade cards that she has worked on for hours. Destyni is very artistic and loves anything crafty. Getting closer to Easter this is what I found upstairs on the whiteboard we use to write messages to each other.
She is so creative.
The weather was beautiful most of the long weekend so we were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

And then the sugar started taking over...

We all had so much fun! I hope you all had a great relaxing Easter weekend as well!!!!

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